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Dec 27, 2021

Today on Talk About That, John is hopelessly behind on his Marvel Movies 🎥 🦸‍♂️ & shares how a strong wind caused his mental meltdown🌪. Meanwhile, Jonnie has strong feelings about unnecessary apostrophes, and gets a dog at Walgreens 🐶.

Also, a conversation on making amends.

Today’s episode is NOT...

Dec 20, 2021

Today on Talk About That, Jonnie gives his dog table food and wonders if he’s too old for TikTok. Meanwhile, John claims he never cheated in school, but learns he has something in common with a serial killer 🔪.

Also, the boys read a list of ten Cognitive Distortions, and ponder why they suffer from all of them

Dec 13, 2021

Today on Talk About That, John laments his December birthday 🎁, and explores the history of his family name. Meanwhile, Jonnie ponders the art of interruption, and whether people still use a Rolodex 📝.

Plus, a conversation on the pressure to identify ourselves by our job.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored...

Dec 6, 2021

Today on Talk About That, Jonnie develops an unhealthy envy of someone’s fridge, and ponders worship lyric technology in the future 🤖. Meanwhile John reaches his breaking point while doing a home repair project 🤬.

Plus, a discussion on how getting older gives us a more generous and empathetic perspective on our...

Nov 22, 2021

Today on Talk About That, Jonnie scolds John for running on empty, and attempts to impress a girl with popcorn 🍿. Meanwhile John calls Jonnie a Grinch and proposes a permanent Holiday Tree.

Also, a conversation on hustle, burnout, and the balance between chasing opportunities or letting them come to you.