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May 25, 2020

Jonnie ponders if he would lose his creative drive if he were super rich, while John withers under cross-examination from a Southern lawyer. Then, the boys chat about their show being “Unrated”.

Also, a conversation about Michael Jordan, bad journalism, and being present.

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May 18, 2020

Jonnie invents a new handshake 🤝 for a new era, while John listens for whispers, and tries to hard sell Jonnie on the merits of a national parks documentary 😴.

Also, a conversation about hearing God’s voice.

This episode is NOT sponsored by Cottage Cheese ™️: “Have we gone bad? Who knows?”

May 11, 2020

John and Jonnie are back in studio TOGETHER (sort of)! The boys talk about great Moms, Jonnie wonders if a baked potato🥔 is a meal, and John questions his own conspiracy theory acumen 🤓.

Then, a discussion on white privilege (from two white guys).

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Coughing In Public™️:...

May 4, 2020

Jonnie hates “Corona Commercials” and does a dramatic reading of what they actually sound like, while John rides the salty-sweet food roller coaster. Jonnie asks John if it’s tougher to preach on the book of Job in the middle of a national emergency. The boys marvel at a friend’s athletic accomplishment, and...