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Nov 25, 2019

John’s hotel AC 🥶 goes on the fritz, but inspires a sermon, while Jonnie shares about his first commercial acting gig, and imagines jumping out of a plane with a famous person. Also, the boys give some tips for surviving the Holidays with extended family 🦃.

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Nov 18, 2019

John contemplates an exciting career in electronics, Jonnie literally freaks out about the word "literally," and the boys fondly remember life before the advent of DVR.

Also, a conversation on what fear really is and how it affects our culture and spiritual health. 

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Nov 11, 2019

John tries to keep Jonnie on his toes, and laments the worst Country song ever. Then the boys reminisce about being ready to “Just say NO” as a kid, while never once being offered drugs.

Also, a conversation on importance of accountability in marriage and friendships.

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Nov 4, 2019

John gets to meet a Tennessee legend, and immediately gets accused of a crime, while Jonnie hides from children and uses the honor system for his Halloween candy bowl.

Also, a conversation on Kanye’s conversion to Christianity, and the social media firestorm it has created.

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