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Dec 30, 2019

John and Jonnie talk about being your own worst critic, and whether standup comedy is portrayed realistically on TV and movies. Then, a conversation on not "playing it safe", creatively, and the importance of staying vulnerable.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Lettuce Wraps 🥬™️: “The worst tacos ever."

Dec 23, 2019

Jonnie wonders whether the new Star Wars will ruin his childhood, and John watches Christmas movies with Sadie, but has his thumb on the mute button. Then the boys have a discussion on foul language, and its purported pain-relieving qualities.

Also, a conversation on the best Christmas gifts ever.

Today’s episode is...

Dec 16, 2019

The boys talk about the one trait all good leaders have, and Jonnie comes up with the perfect Christmas sermon series, & John talks about attractional elements of church, for better or worse. Plus, a frozen car horn ruins Jonnie’s night, and the guys give tips on how NOT to handle a gas fire.

Also, a conversation on...

Dec 9, 2019

On today’s show, the boys attempt to LIVE stream with mixed results. Jonnie gives up Diet Coke (for 3 weeks) & ribs the tee-totalers 🍷. John almost fights a friend (his odds aren’t good) & has a confusing salad order.

Then the boys tell some tales of bug infestation 🐜 & Jonnie defends “letting the dishes...

Dec 2, 2019

John contemplates buying another TV 📺 and Jonnie proposes a new invention that might (not) help.

Also, John discovers the worst ministry acronym in history, and disgusts Jonnie with his strange shower habits 🚿. Also, the boys reveal details for next week’s interactive Facebook LIVE podcast streaming!

Plus, a...